Over the past months, we have watched what happens when our cities and states try to solve the problems inequality causes by investing public resources in a militarized police force, instead of helping us weather the storms of global pandemic and economic crisis. This has only served to increase violence while keeping poor, Black and Brown people further oppressed and marginalized. 

This moment has exposed existing injustice, but it has also invited us to imagine something new.  Over the past year, ECCO leaders have developed a bold plan we are calling the Beloved Economy Agenda to uproot racist policies and create an economy and society that serves all who are part of them.  As part of this effort, ECCO leaders are engaged in a campaign to hold police accountable and address racism within our criminal justice system, continuing ECCO's longterm work against police brutality, mass incarceration, and racial injustice.

ECCO leaders have founded Shine Together, worker-owned cooperative, led by Black and Latinx ECCO leaders, which allows its owners to work with dignity free of exploitation.  We are hoping this is the beginning of larger efforts to build a just economy based on solidarity, equality, and democracy. In this vein, ECCO is also exploring what it might look like to establish cooperative housing that is affordable and accessible to low-income people of color and to foster community investment in people-of-color owned businesses.

In order to create a society that recognizes the inherent dignity of every person, and allows all of us to thrive, we need you. The North Shore’s communities of color are leading the way.  And, none of our work can happen without the action, investment and financial support of our entire community. 

In only three months, our community just raised over $100,000 to provide critical funds to families hardest hit by COVID, teaching us that when everyone gives, we can raise what we need.  Now more than ever, we need all of us to build a future where everyone has enough.  Will you join us in taking action for racial and economic justice by donating today?

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Please make out a check to ECCO with the word "Together We Give" in the memo line. Mail the check to ECCO, C/O 7 Bristol St. Salem, MA 01970.


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