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Scott Nowka

Thank you for visiting my personal page for ECCO's Together We Give Campaign!

Dear Friends,

As you may know, I’ve worked for racial and economic justice as a person of faith through ECCO for the past few years. For me, ECCO’s work feels more crucial than ever now, as the COVID-19 crisis, coupled with renewed communal reckoning with the reality of racial injustice, has exposed our society’s deep brokenness and inequality. 

This moment has exposed existing injustice, but it has also invited us to imagine something new.  Over the past year, ECCO leaders have developed a bold plan we are calling the Beloved Economy Agenda to uproot racist policies and create an economy and society that serves all who are part of them.  As part of this effort, ECCO leaders are engaged in a campaign to hold police accountable and address racism within our criminal justice system, continuing ECCO’s long-term work against police brutality, mass incarceration, and racial injustice.

ECCO leaders also founded Shine Together, a worker-owned cooperative led by Black and Latinx ECCO members.  Together, we are building a just economy based on solidarity, equality, and democracy, a Beloved Economy that works for everyone.  

However, in order to make this work happen, we need your support. This month, I’m joining others across ECCO’s network in our peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, called Together We Give. We are asking those we love and those who believe in our work to invest in it with a financial gift. I’ve set a personal goal of raising $1,500! Will you help me by being one of the first people to make a donation?

One of the most important things I’ve learned while doing this work is that we are always more powerful together--whether we’re joining our votes, voices, actions, or our financial resources.

I really believe that bold, powerful and faithful action can change the world!  I hope you’ll consider a contribution in support of me and the work that I do.

Thank you for your care and support!

Note: IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO DONATE ONLINE AND NEED TO DONATE BY CHECK: Please make out a check to ECCO with "Together We Give" in the memo line. Mail the check to ECCO, C/O 7 Bristol St. Salem, MA 01970. Include a note saying that you are donating as a part of my fundraising effort.

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